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As they rode through the streets they could see that places were starting to close. They had landed an hour late and were exhausted from the turbulent plane ride. Sally leaned into Bill, resting her head on his shoulder.
“How much do you love me?” she asked.
“More than you know,” Bill said.
Her eyes felt heavy and she wasn’t sure she could stay awake the whole ride to the hotel. The taxi came to an abrupt stop and she jolted awake. The driver looked at the two in the rear view mirror and apologized saying someone stepped out from between two cars. Sally was about to lean her head back onto Bill’s shoulder when she saw the heart. The building across the river had a heart lit on the side of it.
“Bill, look at that!” Sally said excitedly. “Imagine if that was where we were staying.”
Bill didn’t want to spoil the surprise so he took a deep breath to make his voice sound as natural as possible. “I think that would have been lovely. We can see which hotel that is tomorrow while we sightsee.”
Sally laid her head down and fell into a light sleep. When she awoke she was under a hotel awning being gently led out of the car. She walked quietly next to Bill to the elevator and up to their room. Bill opened the door and told Sally to head in.
When Sally went in the door she was shocked. The entire room glowed red! What was going on? Then suddenly she smiled and turned to Bill. “We are at that hotel aren’t we?” she asked.
Bill nodded. “I guess we have one of the rooms that is holding part of the heart!”
Bill had wanted to surprise Sally and he certainly did. She was happy until she tried going back to sleep and couldn’t because of the red glow in the room. She didn’t want to complain though. She knew Bill had done this for her to show his love. She appreciated his effort and figured when she was tired enough she would fall asleep red glow and all.
Bill and Sally woke the next morning fully rested and started off on their sightseeing adventure.

From the waves on the ocean
to the bottom of the sea
I long to feel your strong arms
wrapped around me.
You fill my heart with joy
by showing me your love
I’m thankful that I have you
I thank the God above.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction

Curious about banned books

Reading Maggie’s post today made me curious to see what books are banned and why. There are tons of websites. I have put down a few.

I think this might be reading list like it was for Maggie!



Lombardi, Esther. “Controversial and Banned Books.” ThoughtCo, Sep. 7, 2021, thoughtco.com/controversial-and-banned-books-738746.

The Cruel Truth of Elephant Rides ft. Mukuni Big 5 Safaris

I never knew this about elephants! These magnificent creatures should be left to the wild.

Haz Mapz

Visit Zambia’s instagram post. Elephant rides held at Mukuni Big 5 Safaris in Livingstone, Zambia

I have always been aware of elephant riding, but in all honesty, I thought it was something that was going out of fashion as people realised how cruel it was. I have only seen one physical example of this mistreatment of elephants and that was in Cambodia at Angkor Wat. I took a photo and then turned away I simply couldn’t watch those hideous laughing tourists sitting astride an elephant who had absolutely no choice in the matter.  When I moved to Zambia in 2020, I assumed that with it being a place of such natural wonderment and the land of the walking safari that people wouldn’t feel the need to ride elephants.

As I started following more tourism pages on Instagram, I began to become concerned that this really was something that tourists…

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Jim’s story of complicated relationships! Thanks for participating!

A Unique Title For Me

She was not all that she was cracked up to be and she certainly didn’t live up to the reputation that I expected of her, based on what others had told me.  She looked great and it would have been nice to get a hug or a kiss, instead of a handshake, so I was kind of putting my hand out, while at the same time keeping my arms open for the hug as I waited for her to approach me on our first date.  I realized right away that this was a mistake, as she kept checking her cell phone under the table, which made me feel like she didn’t want to be here with me.  What goes on inside the mind of a woman has always been a mystery to me.  If she wasn’t interested in dating, she could have said so, before we reached this awkward point.


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Simply 6 Minutes: 8th February

Di’s response to this broken woman. Thanks for participating!


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They say that I am Two Faced,
I wish if only they knew
The story behind the facade
Distinguish the false from the true.
My eyes see more than before me
Around corners, even behind my back,
My hearing echoes in chambers,
And my head feels out of whack………..
I am constantly hearing voices,
But no-one is there to speak,
Am I going crazy?
Or am I desperately weak?
They say the scars will fade
Until then I hide my shame
Of being two faced and ugly,
My world cannot be the same.
My life is not as you’d think it,
There is no dark and light,
When they put me back together
Something just wasn’t quite right.

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Simply 6 Minutes – Hear me roar

Trish’s response with some hope. Thanks for participating!


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Shattered. In mind, body and soul.

Struggling to find the strength to carry on.

It feels like I’ve been in a car crash.

No warning. The joint accounts are wiped. My BFF turned on our 20 years of friendship, for a man. Mine.

To top things off, he left his grotty skateboard on the front steps of our apartment, which I tripped over as I left for work this morning.

Fuck it all!

I need to find the strength of a lion, my inner tigress.

I weakened in the gaze of a man, enfolded in his virile, very masculine strength. I forgot that I am woman, and I can roar, stomped down on my voice, waved off concerned friends, placated worried family.

As I wait in the emergency ward, sitting on a bed, sewn up and drugged for the pain, I ponder. And reach the conclusion that I gave up…

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Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Simply Six Minutes Challenge 2/8/22

Image: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/qxcKInx1YEo/maxresdefault.jpg

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My face in the mirror

is not me

I can see through

the reflection

to the other side

Where my true self resides

hidden and broken

Shattered into so many pieces

each one sharp

cutting into my soul

Can you not see

what your cruel words

and false compliments

have done to me?

No longer human just a shell

Cracked beyond recognition

of what was or could have been

Unrepairable remnants

slivers of a true self

shards of glass within the sand

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