FOWC with Fandango — Cuddle

Hosted everyday by Fandango:

Once a year in my old town
a party happens in the square
the people come in sleeping gowns
with curlers up in their hair.

The people there will sit and wait
to watch who might show up
Like Fancy Flora with Roverton
Her fluffy cuddle pup.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Fandango’s Flashback Friday — February 4th

on this exact date in a previous year….
Fandango hosts:

Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten – February 4th, 2021

The Cat finds his kite

The Cat in the Hat was somewhere brand new 
he didn’t know who lived there or lived there with who. 
He saw lots of toys and some stuff in the yard 
He tried to look inside, curtains made it hard. 

He thought that he’d knock on the door that’s bright red 
Perhaps they’d know him by the hat on his head 
Most people did know him for what he did wear 
He was famous to most, though he couldn’t care. 

So he walked up the walk and he stood nice and straight 
he walked up the steps and he closed the front gate 
He didn’t want pets that might live there to leave 
Most kids did have pets, or he’d like to believe. 

When all of a sudden from up on the roof 
A balloon went by flying, then popped with a Poof! 
Down to the ground a bright paper did float 
He bent down to get it and saw it’s a note. 

The note it was written in crayon and pen 
Was the writing he noticed from a little boy Ben? 
The note was so sweet that the Cat he did cry 
Ben had an old kite that the Cat used to fly. 

The Cat was so happy to get back his kite 
He smiled so big with his teeth white and bright. 
So Ben lived in this house that he just stopped by 
And now he and Ben watch their kites blow and fly.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry Cat in the Hat Fan fiction

Fibbing Friday 4th February 2022

Hello and welcome to Fibbing Friday where you’re given the chance to lie through your teeth and get away with it. Di is hosting this week:

Haha, these are tricky words! I don’t know where to begin…

1. What is a flagon? A flying dragon
2. What is acnestis? Problem skin that you get as an adult when you shouldn’t be getting acne anymore!
3. What is a halfpace? The steps you take when you are walking next to someone quite taller than you. It takes two of your steps to each one of theirs.
4. What is clinomania? Being addicted to research and other clinical matters
5. What is petrichor? The middle of any petrified substance.
6. What is tittynope? The look you give your husband when out in public
7. What is xertz? The original name of a car rental company, before check boxes were invented
8. What is agastopia? It is a place to go when you are feeling bloated
9. What does evancalous mean? I can’t even make a good guess at this one!
10. What is Nudiustertian A person who lives in a community that believes in not wearing clothes.