RDP Wednesday – TIGER

Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word!  Just a reminder, anyone can join in.https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/02/02/rdp-wednesday-tiger/

Stalking prey like a tiger
I search for words to use
to untangle the underbrush
that choke my creativity
and say what is in my head
without drawing blood and
with much success of a tigress!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #862

Below are three words that may, or may not, be related. Simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2022/02/01/simply-6-minutes-february-1st/comment-page-1/?unapproved=135169&moderation-hash=dd7e3c1342784ba79750b4d7495fa9a3#comment-135169

Your three words today are:

It has been a while
since I’ve seen your smile
Trying to wean you
out of my life.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Painted Outfits

Imagine this as a career?!?!?!

A Unique Title For Me

I designed these awesome costumes for these three girls to wear, but they only work when they are posed together.  If you ignore their heads and their feet and the pink panties that are sticking out, you will see the face of a tiger with the most haunting green eyes.  I posed them on this area rug, which is a black and white picture of a tiger’s face and lined them up so that the whiskers look like a part of my tiger.  I am studding costume design at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, and this is my graduate project.  I hope to work on Broadway someday, or possibly make my way to Hollywood.  I better make a lot of money, as the tuition for my Masters in Fine Arts MFA is killing me.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted…

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Simply 6 Minutes: February 1st

Another beautiful poem to accompany Simply 6 photos!


Wow, what a great picture to work with this week. Thanks Christine!
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This week our image is by goosball.blogspot.com
We three are one,
Our backs turned
We see all.
Nothing escapes us,
Three kittens evolve to
One big cat,
Purrfect in unity:
Tread gently rather
Than rouse us from slumber
Else you’ll hear us roar.

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