March 2020

When driving from CT to FL I used to like and stop at interesting places, places not really well known. One of those places was The UFO Welcome Center in Bowman SC.

From my desk: 01/29/2022

It is sooooo windy today! It is 51 degrees but the wind makes it feel so much colder. I wanted to go pick up my dad and bring him out for ice cream but I am afraid he will freeze before we even get in the car. Perhaps I will bring the ice cream to him.

I picked up another piece of my pottery!

I am quite proud of it!
I signed up for the next pottery class. I don’t know yet if I like throwing pottery on the wheel but I love the trimming, finishing and glazing. I’m hoping to pick up a few finished pieces today, if they got fired.

Short and sweet….Have a peaceful weekend!