What country do you live in?

I live in the US. When I look at the stats and other things about my blog I see some people are from countries like Israel and Romania, the UK and Switzerland. If you feel comfortable would you mind sharing what country you live in? This is just pure curiosity. There are a few followers that I know where they are from but maybe you are from a country that someone else has some connection with. Isn’t that worth the share? I don’t know..safety, how people feel about sharing, and other reasons might make this question completely nil.

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5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic

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There are a bunch of things I don’t do anymore…Not necessarily skills but…I’m not sure I can come up with 5 though. Between the pandemic starting and now I have moved two times so everything is starting new in a new place.

  1. Putting on makeup – I put on makeup for my wedding and for my driver’s license. A few other random times but I fumbled with the eyeliner and couldn’t find any shadow…
  2. Remembering to shower – Yes, I am openly admitting this. It isn’t that I don’t want to bathe, but sometimes if I am home and casual all day I don’t even think about it. I change all of my clothing, including undergarments, every day no matter what so I’m not gross…
  3. Combing my hair – I wear it up most of the time. First, I was wearing it up because it was so darn hot here in Florida. Next, I was wearing it up so it wouldn’t fly in my face when I walk the dog. Finally, I wear it up so I’m not constantly moving it off my shoulders or out of my face, making it look limp and dull.
  4. Talking to people face to face – I don’t notice this much now since I am in a new town, I don’t really know people, but I got used to phone calls and texting rather than meeting up with people.
  5. ?