Three Things Challenge

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Your three words today are:

Before I was able to think about writing I saw the word “kiln” and thought I would share my first pieces of pottery from the class David bought me for my birthday. Not great but I am happy with them. It’s hard to really capture the colors since I’m not setting up any fancy photoshoot!

I am not keen on the color design I used on the “ashtray-looking” piece. I didn’t know that how it would look when it was finally out of the kiln. If I leave it outdoors it will eventually grow some sort of algae that looks like kelp. I just haven’t decided where to put it. Maybe even a coaster for under a plant.

3 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge

  1. Very nice! My first thrown piece was the size of a salt cellar! Glazing is a very tricky process and involves a little voodoo and some magic (possibly dark) to get things to look a certain way…. I hope you take another class and stick with it – you have talent!!!

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    1. I actually got another class for free. The first class was okay but it was being taught by a 26 year old and she pretty much would tell us what to do then leave us to it. I didn’t feel like I learned anything. I figured I would just try another studio but offered my feedback in case she was teaching the next class. To give an example our class started with 8 people and is only 4 weeks. The last two weeks it was only me and this young gentleman. Anyhow, they offered to let me take the class again with a seasoned teacher and it is really good. I got a mini lesson about what NOT to do when glazing from another member of the studio because apparently I didn’t do it correctly and my stuff “could have” stuck to the shelf. He was sort of a jerk at first but then realized I really had no idea what to do. Long story short…I’m in my second class and enjoying it.


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