Simply 6 Minutes — The Haunting

Sad and scary too.

This, That, and the Other

Why do you haunt me?
I see your face everywhere I go
In the clouds above
In puddles on the ground
In the branches of leafless trees
Reflected in the windows of homes I pass

I see your face in the sunrise
I see it in the sunset
At night when I close my eyes
And in the morning when I first wake up
I can’t undo what I’ve done to you
I can’t bring you back to life

But I can’t live with you haunting me
Seeing your face everywhere I go
The only way to escape the agony
Of these unbearable feelings of guilt
And to stop these visions of your face
Before me from every place I go

Is to join you, wherever you are
Because you are everywhere I am

(134 words)

Written for Christine Bialczak’s Simply 6 Minutesprompt

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Three Things Challenge #841

Di is the host of Three Things!

Your three words today are:

It wasn’t anything
newer than before
my cousin just arrived
standing at my door
she had a magic bag
that hung from up her arm
she crafted it with fabric
some string and then some yarn
she said she needed help
a place for her to crash
her husband kicked her out
it was her nasty rash.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Five Things Tuesday 11th January

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I know I am a day late but I really wanted to add to this! Sort of like the Monday Peeve!

Today I ask you to name 5 things that you wish would disappear from the world in 2022. Here’s my list :

  1. COVID and all its derivatives
  2. Donald Trump and all of his cronies
  3. Inflation and unemployment: you can’t walk in to any establishment and ask for a job, then get one. Now it is the “initial interview” then the second interview with “the hiring manager”. Next is the interview with “the panel”…then you don’t get the job because they filled it already. What a waste of time!
  4. Spiders that can be seen by a person: Yes, they are good for the environment, they are harmless, they eat bugs…I can’t look at them and recently the nightmares have come back…
  5. New food variations: I am so tired of going to the store and you can no longer find a candy bar like the old days – now they have candy hidden in them or pretzels! I saw a Reese’s the other day with potato chips! Wtf! Put a reeses on top of a chip and bite…there you go, they don’t need to manufacture it! Chips! Are there any regular chip flavored chips? A good old Coca Cola….not vanilla or orange, not diet with energy…Normal stuff!

Magical Arts Based on Nature

Sort of spiritual and eery at the same time.

A Unique Title For Me

The Druid prophecy which was thought to be predestination, said that she would reach the sky, but things didn’t work out they way she thought they would, and now she is in a limbo state between being a girl and being part of a tree.  She didn’t believe in magic, but seeing herself in this transformed situation has reinforced her trust in the old ways and now she realizes that she must fulfill the prophecy so that she can go back to her normal life again.  This prophecy stated that she had risk death by jumping off a cliff covered in feathers in an attempt to fly.  As she jumped, she sang, “Feathered birds fly when they are protected by the gods, there is a chance I will die, but I also could fly, what are the odds?”

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes

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Simply Six Minutes

Very deep thoughts in this one.

The Bag Lady


I often watch from here. It’s harmless really, I don’t approach, I only watch. I realize it’s not healthy, my mind and body should be elsewhere, doing something, anything…anything to ease my pain, heal my heart. I don’t expect you to understand, I only want a few glimpses of what I could have had, would have had, if only I had given in. There’s nothing wrong with giving in sometimes—I know that now—now that it is too late and I can only observe from a distance what I am missing.


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