Simply 6 Minutes: 11th January

A beautiful poem! Read Di’s work!


Christine of Stine Writing is our hostess for the Simply 6 Minutes photo challenge and what a stunner she has given us this week. Find out more here
You never see me, but I am there,
Watching, waiting, yearning
For recognition and acceptance.
The breeze teases my skin of clouds,
My eyes focus on forever,
My lips set in a firm line.
I am here, these trees are my home,
Perhaps shielding me from view
As the leaves gently whisper…….
The birds are my company,
Singing their joy in the branches
That tickle and caress my being.
Just once I am captured,
A trick of the light but free to roam
And filter into the skyline.
Yes, I am here, watching,
Waiting and yearning
To be one of You.

101 words.

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