Fandango’s Flashback Friday — January 7th

Fandango hosts this awesome reminder of all the time we spend with our words!

This is from January 7th last year. I do love The Cat in the Hat and haven’t done any fanfiction work in quite a while. Enjoy!

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The Cat in the Hat comes to play

The Cat in the Hat knew the mom would be mad 
if she saw all the toys and goodies he had. 
He tried to keep quiet and out of her way 
to keep her distracted was the way he could stay. 

He started with smiles and a proud, firm handshake 
His brow started sweating, she would know it was fake 
All he had to get by was this first “How d’ya do?” 
Then to get to the kids, just he and those two. 

So he started to walk on his back legs to show 
that he knew that his back was the rude way to go. 
The mother was pleased by the Cat’s gentle tone 
She was happy to leave the three of them all alone. 

The Cat took his bag and all the tricks he had found 
The comics and posters and the car with the sound 
He spread them all out on the rug in the room 
He had his own bag and could clean with his broom. 

The kids were so happy to see all his stuff 
He wondered if they thought there wasn’t enough.  
But for hours they played without one single fight 
A perfect fun day led to a quite tired night. 

©2021 CBialczak Poetry Fan Fiction

Three Things Challenge #836

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Your final three words for this week are:

Yeah, Right!

In a perfect universe
where everything is fair
the taxes for the poor
aren’t even barely there
the sweet signs of success
are shown in happy grins
cause money doesn’t matter
when there’s free stuff in the bins.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Fibbing Friday 7th January 2022

Di is the host of Fibbing Friday, the only place that it is better to tell a lie!

Here are the questions with my answers:

1. What is meant by jumping bail? It’s the game the farmer’s children play when all the hay is baled. Sort of like Leap Frog bug out in the field.
2. What is a skipping rope? When you go to the lumber yard and you just know the wood is heavy enough to hold itself down on the ride home.
3. What is a sickly hue? That sort of camel/orangey color
4. What is cooking the books? A banker is counting the money, a chef is cooking the books.
5. What is a microwave? A teeny tiny ripple at the beach on a really calm day.
6. What is meant by passing the buck? It means you were lucky enough not to hit it and destroy your car.
7. What are air kisses? a more polite way that telling someone they are an ass kisser
8. What is meant by shooting one’s mouth off? It’s a horrible form of suicide
9. What does a dentist do? The opposite of a straightenist
10. What is a ruff? No one knows…dogs speak their own language

Thanks Di for the fun! Now, I get to go and read everyone elses answers.