Simply Six Minutes: 4th January

Great poem to get your ice cream craving active!


Christine of Stine Writing is our hostess for the Simply 6 minutes photo challenge.
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Never ending
Swirls and scrolls
Stretching canyons,
Hills and knolls.
No, not mountains,
Rocks or cliff,
Something edible,
Aromas to sniff:
Dip my finger
In the whip
Sticky toffee
Starts to drip.
Dipping, diving,
Luscious reds,
Creams and chocolate:
Ice cream beds!

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Writing a Memoir

I have thought about writing a memoir. I went through quite a bit the last few years and although it isn’t to necessarily make a big deal of it, I would like to share so as to help someone else who might be going through the same thing.

What makes a good memoir?

How far back do you go?

How much detail should there be?

I have read many different pieces on how to write a memoir but I still can’t grasp how to do it. I figured I would ask for some opinions and feedback. I guess I should also read a few more memoirs to get a feel for them. Does anyone have a suggestion to any that are particularly compelling?

Simply 6 Minutes – I think I can

Try your hardest and you can get there!



Decision paralysis.

Daunted by the challenge.


Forebears have shown that it is possible.

Paths are clearly marked.

Their generosity of spirit is clear, for all to see.


Richness of choice.

Abundance of options.


My tiny brain, overwhelmed.

Physicality, tested.


I am but a mite at the foot of a behemoth.

To reach that glorious sky. To stand at the top, with pride.

I don’t think I can.


My shell is snug and tight. Body protected. Moisture high.

The little snail who could, that’s what they’ll say.


I eye the ground ahead. Take the first step.

One slide, in front of the other. 


Simply 6 Minutes Challenge Note

  • Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
  • You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you…

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Living On the Red Planet

Would you want to live on Mars?

A Unique Title For Me

We don’t have the technology for terraforming Mars yet and turning this hostile planet into one that will support life, but there are some good ideas floating around.  One of the big problems with Mars is that it is basically a desert world, with a pitifully thin atmosphere less than 1 percent the density of Earth’s, so no animal can live on Mars and water quickly evaporates or freezes on the surface.  People have said that we could live in caves on Mars under the surface, if we are wearing space suits and that we could construct cities under glass.  Since the solar wind is responsible for depleting  Mars’ atmosphere, some scientists think that we could construct electromagnetic satellites to shield Mars’ atmosphere and this would prevent it from escaping into space.  Theoretically a giant magnetic shield could protect Mars from solar winds, and this would help terraform the Martian environment…

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