From my desk: 01/02/2022

My wallet is gone….

It either fell from my purse or someone snatched it. I spent hours cancelling cards and contacting banks.

I don’t necessarily care about the money but I wish I could just get it back for my license and anything else I want. I wouldn’t mind the money being returned since my daughter just paid me back for some of her bills. Who knows? Maybe someday it will show up in my mailbox.

If this is a precursor to 2022 I am really not looking at the future as a positive endeavor. I know I don’t have it bad but I still wonder why my luck is like this…

Anyhow, the good thing is I will have all new numbers and can reset all my passwords, etc.

Tomorrow is the first “work day” of the new year. Can’t wait to get back on track with WordPress! Woo Hoo!