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Cute puppy just wanted glasses!


Christine at Stine Writing has provided another great picture for us to work with this week. You can read more and join in here, it’s a lot of fun!
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This is great! I can read them all now, right down to the last line!
I told my Human all I needed was glasses but she didn’t understand me.
Seems I need to work more on our communication skills as she doesn’t have an ear for languages. Dogspeak is difficult for Humans to grasp, and she laughed at me when I kept crashing into things. Silly girl.
The Vet Man was terrific though and knew what the problem was straight away.
It took a while to balance that weird…

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Mr. Peabody

Cute puppy!

A Unique Title For Me

It is hard enough to believe in a talking dog, but a canine that created his own time machine just so that he could give his adopted 7-year-old human son Sherman a firsthand look into history, is nearly impossible.  I guess it becomes a bit more believable if you take into account that Hector J. Peabody is the most accomplished canine in the world, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a world-renowned explorer, and an Olympic gold medalist in the long jump and the decathlon, but in reality, he is just an anthropomorphic cartoon that lives in a penthouse in New York City.  Peabody and Sherman go on time traveling adventures together in the WABAC machine, sort of like Bill and Ted did in their most excellent adventures, but without getting stoned.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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New Book: Unicorn Farmhand (Fantasy)

Welcome to the mini tour for fantasy novel, Unicorn Farmhand by Samuel Yaw Jian Fong. Read on for more details!

Unicorn Farmhand

Publication Date: December 2019

Genre: Fantasy

Every horse has a talent or two. Some can sit, some can jump over obstacles, and some can select a button for a treat. For one particular draft horse, Dok Saau, his talent is in writing. He does not just scribble letters in the ground as a trick, but he also uses his talent to express his own thoughts to his bemused owners.
Surprised by his strange talent, his owner Chang Gao brings him to the Horse Fair, where he beats the other horses by writing proper answers to several questions. After a DNA scan, he is revealed to be a unicorn: even though he was supposed to be released into the wild, the authorities let Chang Gao keep him so that he might become a local attraction.
Yet even as he tries to adjust to his new life as an animal celebrity, every now and then he faces recurring nightmares from his troubled past. As he seeks Chang Gao’s help, will he be there to help him defeat his fears? Or would they instead attract something much worse: something that could threaten his comforts or even his own life?

Available on Amazon & Kobo

About the Author

Samuel Yaw Jian Fong is an amateur author and artist from Seremban, Malaysia. Due to a lot of time spent on the Internet, he enjoys making his own fictional worlds inhabited by dozens of quirky characters  Would you like to check them out?

For more information about his works, check out the Rabydosverse Wikia and HorsesPlease’s DeviantArt page.

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