Gonna getcha!

Such a cute story!


Christine at Stine Writing is our lovely hostess for the Simply 6 Minutes Challenge:
Love this picture!
Picture:  i.pinimg.com
Beep Beep. Coming though!
‘Oh god, it’s Nigel. Since he got his license, he’s driving everyone potty.’
Come on, get a move on! I’ve places to be!
‘Well you’ll have to wait. We can’t go any faster. Dammit! Now Mabel’s confused and forgotten which way she’s going!’
If this was a real car, you’d be squashed by now.
‘Yeah, and if you were where we are, you’d be a victim of road kill!’ Brian snapped.
‘Just remember that!!’
What do you mean?
Brian stopped sliming his way across the road and looked Nigel straight in the headlamps.

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