Simply 6 Minutes: Awww, Kitties!

Maybe there should be a cutoff age when animals for adoption are free?

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Kittens, when they’re very young, are adorable little creatures. They’re tiny, which means, when you go to the pet store, you get in this “take two, they’re small” mood. At least, that was the way it was with us.

We have one cat now, Molly, who’s getting older and, sad to say, will probably leave us soon (but, please God, not too soon). When that happens, Mary and I have declared on a moratorium on bringing any more cats in, because they’re a lot of work, most of which would fall on Mary. Also, when you bring home a kitten, you have to remember that you’re making a long-term commitment, because they can live quite a bit past 20 years.

If we were to get another cat, I’d want an older one. I saw this thing on Instagram where a woman adopted the oldest cat in a shelter, because she…

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