Simply 6 Minutes: 9th November

He does look pretty serious!


Christine over at Stine Writing is our hostess for this terrific photoprompt challenge.
You can find out more here
It was Tuesday and bike night, a chance for all bikers to show off their wheels and meet up with their counterparts from other districts.
They came for miles, and the gleam of chrome was blinding, such was the pride they took in their machines.
The roar of over two hundred engines was deafening, but there was never any trouble, just a ton of respect and admiration.
Men and women turned up in leathers, boots and crash helmets, some even having specialised additions to their metallic steeds for some precious cargo.
A group of canines were gathered round the burger bar waiting patiently for tidbits to drop whilst their owners supped coffee and non drivers had a beer.
A rather scruffy terrier turned to an equally scruffy jack russell and said

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