Simply 6 Minutes: Happy Birthday, Doggie!

Dogs vs. Cats? It is a never-ending controversy.

The Sound of One Hand Typing

One of the reasons people like dogs so much is that you can dress them up as above and they let you get away with it. One of the bloigs I follow is the Hailey And Zaphod Chronicles, and she’s always dressing the dogs up. She also has the dogs “write” posts for it.

One time, just for fun, I put my glasses on a dog. We all had a good laugh about it until he took off wearing my glasses. I’ve never done that since.

People think that, just because we’ve always had cats, that we don’t like dogs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just know how much work dogs can be, especially on winter mornings when the dog wanders all over the neighborhood having a gay old time while I’m standing there with a flashlight freezing my backside off. I did that once…

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