Book Review: Her Darkest Fear

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Nina Manning has the ability to leave the reader in suspense until the very end of her thrilling tales. Her story is complete with romance, mystery, and plenty of relationships evolving throughout the plot. 

Frankie is happily married to Damien with two beautiful children and about to start a change in jobs that is going to advance her career to a new level. But after starting the new job with the very handsome Mason Valentine, one of the city’s most accomplished businessmen, Frankie and Damien start growing apart. The problems coming between them are shrouded in the darkness Frankie still has about the accident when her dear brother was killed twenty years ago. Now Damien is looking elsewhere for companionship, but how involved is he getting and with who? Can Frankie deal with grieving for her brother and trying to hold her relationship together? 

I give this story five out of five stars for its gripping plot, with so many different situations the reader is left wondering where the connection is and who is involved with who. Manning leaves no loose ends and each branch of the story is complete with dynamic characters and moving scenarios. If you want a shallow, quick end to a psychological thriller Manning’s gripping stories are not for you. 

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The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #526

Like a secret hid behind my eyes
I lie alone and wonder
How years go by without a clue
Like a blink or like a shudder

But glass holds in the things we feel
Words sit below the surface
We paint a scene of all our years
A meeting of minds amorphous

They sample foods and all fine wines
Those palatial and opulent
They lightly tap on clean taste buds
Bringing thoughts which are flamboyant

And then I go back to my shell
Where safety lies in wait
And let the time past fast and slow
Getting ready for my fate.

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Simply Six Minutes 2nd November

Poor old dog…he thought it was his special day.


Christine is our hostess for the Simply Six Minutes photoprompt. It’s another beauty this week. You can join in here

OK. Who turned the lights out?
It’s my birthday and you’re all supposed to be nice to me.
You know, presents and treats?
Heavy on the treats please.
Guys? Anyone there?
It’s not funny!  I can’t see a thing.
I don’t like this game of Blind Pup’s Bluff.
This also does not taste like a sausage.
Or a steak for that matter.
Not fair. I’m calling a foul.
And where’s my birthday cake?
Come on guys.
Take this thing off me.
Madonna wants her bras back!

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Simply 6 Minutes: Happy Birthday, Doggie!

Dogs vs. Cats? It is a never-ending controversy.

The Sound of One Hand Typing

One of the reasons people like dogs so much is that you can dress them up as above and they let you get away with it. One of the bloigs I follow is the Hailey And Zaphod Chronicles, and she’s always dressing the dogs up. She also has the dogs “write” posts for it.

One time, just for fun, I put my glasses on a dog. We all had a good laugh about it until he took off wearing my glasses. I’ve never done that since.

People think that, just because we’ve always had cats, that we don’t like dogs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just know how much work dogs can be, especially on winter mornings when the dog wanders all over the neighborhood having a gay old time while I’m standing there with a flashlight freezing my backside off. I did that once…

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six minutes and three birthdays

Ah, November birthdays! They are the best aren’t they? Lol!

Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

I don’t participate in a lot of writing prompts. Mostly those on mindlovemisery’s menagerie as I have ties to that writing prompt ensemble.

Sometimes I remember other blog writing challenges and then forget them again. My short term memory is getting shorter. The koi in the koi pond have longer memories and attention spans that I do these days.

I might “jump” from blog to blog, following trails and threads. I land on “new to me” writing challenges – some I add to my “writing prompts” internet collections, and then promptly (excuse the pun) forget.

Via pensivity101, I landed on Stine Writing’s Six Minute Challenge. The object is to:

“Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.

You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.

Get ready…

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