October 31

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Put on a costume before you start to write. Decide to be someone or something you are not. (Don’t fight me on this.) You can be a princess. A prince. A poodle. A puddle. Mark Zuckerberg, a hamburger, Parisian, a soccer hooligan, your mom. Once you get everything set–shoulders squared, hem straight, feet tied on–think about something from your costume’s point of view. If you and your costume can’t agree, write using at least five of these words:foot,yard,back,fortune,game,apple,cemetery, own,underwear,drinking,improvise,sang

Halloween Party for Polynesian Warrior

I put one foot in front of another
just like a game played with my brother
no time for drinking, food or beer
just goofing off, friends standing near
out on a boat not on the ground
a quiet place without a sound
and then we chose to go right back
the front yard filled, nerves going slack
all of a sudden I hear a clang
like cemetery gates going “Bang!”
I jump and run in underwear
I improvise, a bike stashed near.
I pedal hard and pedal fast
Going home, safe at last!

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

The Sunday Whirl

Go here to find the words: https://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/2021/10/31/wordle-525-2/

Did you see that?

Once upon a lonely night
Just after dusk with little light
I saw a ring up in the sky
A frightened bat just flying by?
The thing I saw was scarlet hue
A ghoulish color that I knew
But with the damp and darkest hour
I sat and sunk into the floor
I heard a chime and then did not
From this hard place, this small spot
A trial for my nerves of steel
Making goose bumps I could feel
And then the lights came flashing on
And here the rug I sat upon
With nothing near nor way up high
A mind trick playing with my eye.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry