Simply 6 Minutes: Dreamland

What do you dream about?

The Sound of One Hand Typing

My dreams don’t look like this, but I’m sure for some they do. My dreams are full of cubicles and Coke machines and cigarette machines, and doors that lead to concrete patios that I never walk out to see. And restrooms, and convenience stores, and hotel rooms, and cafeterias. Occasionally a train will pull up and I’ll get aboard, or I’ll be riding in a car along roads that fork constantly, one tine taking me on one adventure, the other taking me on a completely different one.

The waterfall is interesting, because at night I sleep to the sound of rain falling or waterfalls gushing water. And no, I haven’t missed the mountain in the back that looks like a mandrill emerging, or the cloud kitty chasing the cloud fish, or the chimpanzee on the left side of the picture. Maybe I should look around during my dreams more. What…

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