Kiss Me with Those Fuzzy Lips

Every family has an Uncle Steve!!

A Unique Title For Me

Uncle Steve went to the zoo with his brother Joe and his family.  It was a lovely day, but Joe’s wife Kathie never liked Steve being around her children, 6-year-old Christine and 4-year-old Billy, because he was an incorrigible character that would forever be a bachelor, because no good woman would ever have him.  Kathie had a look of disgust on her face when they went to visit the giraffes and Steve said, “Kiss me with those fuzzy lips”, so she ushered the kids away and said, “Let’s go visit the gorillas, that should be fun.”  Steve laughed and told his brother, “Doesn’t she look stunning and you know how much I have always preferred a full-grown bush over a trimmed pussy.”   Joe told his brother, “I know all of your stories about your mustache rides and I just wish that you could behave better around the kids.”  Steve seemed…

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