I Would Love to Love Her

Beautiful prose to accompany this weeks picture! Thanks for the contribution!

A Unique Title For Me

Rhiannon looks to the sky to see a bird in flight.  All her life she has always been in tune with nature, taken by the wind and I’ve never seen her move.  She watches a cat cloud in the sky, ready to swallow a fish and she promised me heaven.  The fish is swimming to its mother for protection, will it ever win?  A monkey looks down on her satisfied that everything is right in this world where nothing is real, but everything is happy even when they descend into darkness.  She rules her life like a fine skylark when the sky is starless.  The woman has been taken by the wind, so she rings like a bell through the night, to tell me she wants to be my lover.  Will I ever win?  My dreams unwind, they have become a state of mind, oh Rhiannon.

Written for Stine Writing…

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