Simply 6 Minutes: Oh, Deer…

The deer are losing their land!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

When we first moved to our home in the Atlanta suburbs, it was still pretty “country” around here. There wasn’t a lot of shopping close by, and much of the area was either overgrown with kudzu, heavily wooded, or was horse farms. Over the 30+ years we’ve lived here, the horse farms have been subdivided, areas that were covered with kudzu have been paved over and big strip malls have been built, and the wooded areas have been cleared and subdivisions have been built.

The one sad thing is that the woods near us were home to a herd of deer, and when the land was cleared they lost their homes. A few of them have moved into our neighborhood and can sometimes be spotted munching on the foliage in our yard. A lot of people see them as nuisance animals, but they were here first, so I try to…

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