Simply 6 Minutes: Oh, Deer…

The deer are losing their land!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

When we first moved to our home in the Atlanta suburbs, it was still pretty “country” around here. There wasn’t a lot of shopping close by, and much of the area was either overgrown with kudzu, heavily wooded, or was horse farms. Over the 30+ years we’ve lived here, the horse farms have been subdivided, areas that were covered with kudzu have been paved over and big strip malls have been built, and the wooded areas have been cleared and subdivisions have been built.

The one sad thing is that the woods near us were home to a herd of deer, and when the land was cleared they lost their homes. A few of them have moved into our neighborhood and can sometimes be spotted munching on the foliage in our yard. A lot of people see them as nuisance animals, but they were here first, so I try to…

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FOWC with Fandango — Boutique

Betsy was a lady
with hair down to her arse
she loved her boutique clothing
despite it being sparse
She walked into a diner
to grab a bite to go
She didn’t see him staring
She didn’t even know
Then she left the diner
to walk out in the park
she didn’t know he followed
despite it getting dark
When she stopped to ponder
the trail that was amiss
the man jumped out and grabbed her
her lips was where he kissed
She thought that she was being
hurt by some old kooky nut
she knew that she could hit him
she knew she’d kick his butt
but when she saw his face then
under the moon so bright
she realized its her lover
Her man, her Mister Right!

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

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Blitzen Interview

Hahahaha! Now we know the truth!

A Unique Title For Me

If you want to know what is the real Santa is like, we got it straight from the reindeer’s mouth and this little cutie is not holding back any punches, giving us the dope on the guy in the red suit, how his wife doesn’t really bake any cookies and how Rudolph got his nose to be so bright.  Blitzen is here with us today on Channel 3 as we take a trip up to the North Pole and everything is melting because of global warming.  It appears that Santa is down in Bermuda today on a well-deserved vacation, but he is keeping to his schedule, by having his sleigh in for repairs and a tune up.  He is also having a hole repaired in his magical toy sack, but Blitzen isn’t letting us know how that thing actually works.  Mrs. Claus is busy purchasing sugarplum cookies that are actually…

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Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 09/21/2021

I love deer interviews!


Christine of Stine Writing is our hostess for the Simply 6 Minutes challenge.
Once again she’s given us a terrific picture to work with.


Hello! Have you brought dinner?
No? Then why are you waving that lollipop at me?
Am I getting paid for this? I don’t come cheap you know.
Is this my good side? Do I look handsome and dashing?
I suppose I have to smile at the camera.
Is that thing on? I mean, I want to look my best.
This dating agency thing is a bit of a bind, but I thought I’d give it a go.
No puns about Dear Heart though please. I’m a Llama.
Are you sure that isn’t dinner?

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simply six minutes challenge: 09/21/2021a random movie scene

These poor deer interviewees!

sound mind journal

Well, I am pleased too to meet you.

My name? I’m afraid I can’t tell you right now.

Please don’t get me wrong, Miss, I um I just don’t seem to remember right now. But it will come to me shortly. Ah, I clearly remember it starts with A… or B or C ? Never mind.

Why am I here alone? Why can’t I be here? Surely I can be alone at times, or most times. Unseemly of me? No way, ma’am, no way. A chap can be alone anytime he or she or they want. It’s a sunny day and all that snow. I like being here just minding my own business…

O, you mean it’s a working day and I shouldn’t be out here in the wild, and instead, i should be in my important office signing important stuff? I beg your pardon? I have already done all…

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Simply 6 Minutes – I’ve never seen the like!

Great deer interview!


Thanks to Christine at #StineWriting for the weekly Simply 6 Minutes challenge. Use the photo prompt to write anything to comes to mind, in six minutes. Submit as is, or quick edits allowed. Enjoy.

#simply6minutes Funny-WTF-Meme-Pictures-Part-1-17

“Can you tell us what happened here today?”

Well, I was late to the party. Herds came from all everywhere.

Apparently the humans had been here in droves early in the day.

They’d camped for hours, set some campfires, laughed and sang.

They’d cooked up some food – we could smell it for miles.

It’s why we all stampeded out here in the first place.

There were holes in the ice – how men catch their dinner. Fish, you know.

There were these huge barrel things, leaking brown water.

When the men left, the herds converged – looking for leftovers.

And man, they feasted. There were guts everywhere, and fresh fish kept jumping out of…

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