Simply 6 Minutes – Goodbye

I love animal conversations but this cat is pissed and it is hysterical!



This is fucked up!

Seriously, I can’t breathe and all because you are excited about having your own version of Angry Cat to show off on socials.

You used to love me.

You used to pamper me with the best titbits, quality cat treats.

I had the best seat in the house, curled in front of the fire. First dibs at your lap.

But no, now I’m a conduit to online fame. Fake friendships, fake love.

We used to celebrate a true love.

Yeah, sure I’d offer you my butt sometimes. But I’m a cat, we affect disdain.

But you knew, you knew. It was all a front.

How much is fame worth to you, woman. How much is your soul worth?

Will it be your children next? Will they have a worth measured in likes and retweets too?

You want an angry cat? You’ve got one, friend.

As soon…

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