Simply 6 minutes challenge: 7th September

A poem to show us how much this cat really hates his sweater! Thanks for the contribution!


Christine over at Stine Writing is our host for the Simply 6 Minutes challenge.
Check it out here

How could I not join in this week! This picture is a riot! That face!!!
Whatever were you thinking?
This is not a good look for me,
I do not look remotely cute,
And how am I supposed to pee?
This woolly thing is way too tight,
I can hardly take a breath,
And please don’t show me a mirror,
I’d scare myself to death!
My fur is flat and matted,
I’m angry, embarrassed too,
I mean, how would you have liked it
If I’d done this to you?
So to show my acute displeasure,
Having lost all my grace and street cred,
I’m going to ruin your best upholstery
And shed, and shed, and shed.

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