Simply 6 Minutes: A Pure-Bread Dog

John mentions my all time fave – Wonder Bread. Thanks for the contribution!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

You just had to know that someone was going to come up with that joke, didn’t you?

I remember Jay Leno saying that he hated seeing dogs wearing costumes. He probably wouldn’t like this one, either, even though it’s technically not a costume.

This has me thinking, not about dogs, but about brands of bread. A lot of them were local to Chicago, like Holsum and Silvercup, and I can think of one that I never saw in Chicago, Sunbeam, complete with a cute little girl named “Little Miss Sunbeam” on the wrapper. She was eating the bread, which I think called for a caption that said “SERVING SUGGESTION.”

I remember a comedian (maybe it was Leno, I forget) who saw a can of soup, and on the label there was a picture of the soup in a bowl with the caption “SERVING SUGGESTION.” His reaction was “Of course! Put…

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