#writephoto — Bandstand

Band Stand

You could hear the squeal of laughter as the children ran round and round the bandstand. In a few hours the grass surrounding the bandstand would be filled with checkered blankets laid out with wine and cheese. Despite the antsy behavior of the children a couple sat drinking in their own quiet solitude of the morning. The air was warm and the sun, hidden behind a thin layer of clouds, peaked through every few minutes as the wind moved them along the sky.

Time in the grass
waiting for the show
warmed by the sun
but shaded from the glow
children playing sprightly
while parents bide their time
Soon the music started
an evening so sublime

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Simply 6 Minutes: A Pure-Bread Dog

John mentions my all time fave – Wonder Bread. Thanks for the contribution!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

You just had to know that someone was going to come up with that joke, didn’t you?

I remember Jay Leno saying that he hated seeing dogs wearing costumes. He probably wouldn’t like this one, either, even though it’s technically not a costume.

This has me thinking, not about dogs, but about brands of bread. A lot of them were local to Chicago, like Holsum and Silvercup, and I can think of one that I never saw in Chicago, Sunbeam, complete with a cute little girl named “Little Miss Sunbeam” on the wrapper. She was eating the bread, which I think called for a caption that said “SERVING SUGGESTION.”

I remember a comedian (maybe it was Leno, I forget) who saw a can of soup, and on the label there was a picture of the soup in a bowl with the caption “SERVING SUGGESTION.” His reaction was “Of course! Put…

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