Simply 6 Minutes: 31st August.

Di has gotten this perfectly! Hahahaha! Thanks for the contribution


This is fast becoming a regular fun challenge for me, so thanks Christine for being our host!

Today’s picture:

Look, it wasn’t me.
Next door’s cat is a sly minx and has now done a runner, laughing her paws off.
Don’t they realise I have no idea how to open the bin, let alone get things out the wrapper?
Besides, I prefer toast………….. hot and slathered with butter, dripping down my chin and smacking against my lips. Mistress likes to share. Master is a different matter.
Yet they pointed the finger at me, told me I was a bad boy and sent me to the dog house.
It’s not fair. I only wanted a taste………… just a little taste…… as it smelt so heavenly just out of the oven and all…….
Now they’ve changed my name to Crusty.

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