Simply 6 Minutes Challenge: 24th August

This is hilarious and if you have a child who dresses the pets you’ll laugh as hard as I did! Thank you Di for the contribution!


Christine at Stine Writing is our hostess for this, a challenge I have recently discovered and enjoying immensely.  You can join in too by clicking here

Oh, I hope I’m safe.
I’ve tried so hard to please, but now it’s got beyond a joke. Why can’t she pick on the dog?
Oh, yeah, right. She did and he fell over not being used to having two opposite legs in splints, so actually ended up seeing the White Coat and having one put in plaster for real.
Course he got lots of sympathy and extra treats, plus my favourite cushion!
Then she turned her beady eye, grubby little hands and attention on me.
I squirmed and twisted, but she wasn’t having any of it and soon I was dressed in a pink onsie and lacy cardigan. I tell ya, my paws ain’t meant to bend that way, but did she listen?…

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