Book Review: When You Find Me

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When You Find Me by P.J. Vernon is a twisted, complex mysterious thriller that will keep you guessing and shock you at the end.  

Gray has gone home with her husband Paul, to Piper Point, the home she grew up in, to spend the holiday with her sister and mother. Unable to admit that her drinking is out of control, Gray has too much to drink and kisses her old boyfriend at the bar. Paul is furious but that is all Gray can recall; and now Paul is gone.  

The plot weaves through Gray’s binges and the introduction of Annie, the woman who might know what happened to Paul and why. Gray doesn’t know who Annie is but is willing to do anything to meet with her, to hear the truth.  

I give this story four out of five stars for its twists and turns, intriguing plot, and surprising conclusion. Vernon has found a way to keep the plot vague enough to keep the reader guessing and the characters evolving to keep the story moving. This is a must read if you want a surprise ending with a full bodied, suspenseful plot.  

Book Review: The Silent Widow

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The Silent Widow by Tilly Bagshawe is a psychologically charged thriller incorporating corruption and the drug trade that truly exists in our world today. 

Nikki Roberts is a well-known psychologist who is not only dealing with her own grief after losing her husband but is also trying to help others and emphasizes to her patients they should be looking at the truth. When one of Nikki’s patients is horribly, brutally killed, she has no idea that it could have any link back to her. Did kindly offering her raincoat get Lisa killed?  

As Nikki continues to work with her handful of clients not only are more people dying but there seems to be a link between them all. Luckily, Nikki has a brave police officer watching her back, keeping her safe, for now.  

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for its realistic and intriguing plot. The characters are believable and morph slowly showing each’s true colors. There are a few connections that although plausible, seem to only add an extra layer of “involved characters” that is not necessarily needed to complete the story. This lengthy list of characters is well developed and fit the plot and the author does an excellent job at tying up the loose ends giving the story a decent ending.  

Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 08/17/2021

For all the animal lovers who can “talk” to their animals and feel like they are having a real conversation. Thanks for the contribution!


Christine over at Stine Writing is our host for the Simply 6 Minutes challenge.
Hello. Would you like to say something to our audience?’
The dog turned a disbelieving eye to the flower on its left.
‘Whaaat?’ came the quivering reply.
‘You’ve just won a major award and I thought you’d like to say a few words.’
‘This is spooky! You’re a flower!’
‘So? We have minds and opinions too you know. We’re not just here for you to sniff, cock your leg and then turn your backsides on us to scratch the dust in our faces.’
‘I don’t do that! I’m a bitch!’
‘Ah, sorry, couldn’t see the equipment. So you’re a squatter.’
‘I am no such thing! I have a home of my own with a comfy bed, cushions, two meals a day, plenty of walks, treats when I’m good and toys to play with. Everybody loves…

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