Polish Recipe?

I grew up going to my grandma’s house very often. When we got there she always had two things in the works…one was her soup. I call it Grandma’s Soup because it is all that I remember. When I make it I use short ribs, cabbage, potatoes, celery, and seasoning. Nothing fancy but tastes so good. I do like it without potatoes so it is really just cabbage and celery. The meat comes out so tender.

The second thing was pancakes. I have been trying to figure out how to make them, then just thought I would ask “around”. I remember the big yellow bowl and there was flour and eggs….they weren’t sweet really, but she would fry them in oil. She would make tons of them and they would sit on the stove all day and we would run by and grab them all day! We never used syrup, just plain. Once I had a fritter that tasted so much like her pancakes and I guess that is what they sort-of were.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

No one is alive anymore to ask…the few that I have asked have no idea or didn’t ever eat the pancakes. All I know is that when I first saw “real” pancakes I was surprised. I am sure I had eaten those too as a kid but it is Grandma’s pancakes that I want to make!