Simply 6 Minutes Challenge- Hubris

Susan really gives you something to think about! Who is really observing who? Thanks for the contribution!

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The challenge is to write a whole story, using the picture prompt, in just six minutes.

funny-animals-wallpapers-7-cool-wallpaper.gif (1280×1024)

Herman had observed humans all of his life.
He even had come to understand their language.
His silence was imposed by Nature. Speech wasn’t afforded to orangutans but full understanding of the hubris of human beings was his.
He found them endlessly entertaining, especially when they explained, to each other, what he was thinking. Herman usually rolled back his lips and slapped the ground as he laughed at them.
But today, he overheard the zoo staff planning to downsize their population of ‘inmates’ and he listened intently. What he overheard wasn’t the least bit funny.

Their plan was to release captive born animals into the wild!
All Herman could do was hold his head in disbelief.
The wrong ‘animals’ were obviously ‘in charge’.

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