Simply 6 Minutes Challenge: 08/10/2021

Di joined in this week with a great take on this guy! Thanks for the contribution!


A new one for me to participate in. Click here to find out more and join in Christine’s prompt. I’ll point out now I am not a fast typist!!
It wasn’t me you know. They all said it was, but I can assure you it wasn’t.
I don’t even like bananas.
It’s pretty good here though. I do get fed on a regular basis, even if the chimps are a pain and always want to play. They have no manners either. And they’re noisy. Interrupts my beauty sleep.
Don’t you think I’m gorgeous?  This is my good side. The other side has a bald patch where Mavis clobbered me for being too attentive and yanked my fur for emphasis. Her loss. Looks like they’re going to try her with the new stud on the block. Good luck with that.
I see a lot you know. I might not say much…

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