From My Desk: 08/13/21

This may be the longest I’ve been away. I have been working on placing my dad in an appropriate situation!

A week and a half ago my dad went to the emergency room. It was a hernia. They admitted him but it took a few days for them to say they would NOT do surgery. Luckily, the night in the ER, the ER doc had “put back” the hernia so my father was not in much pain after that. Anyhow, I have been considering a memory care unit or something safe for my father as his care needs are increasing and I am not really equipped. So finally he was sent to a nursing home for a few days. This was not going to be suitable as he really needs to be up and about and active, not lying in a hospital bed all day long. I was lucky to find the Grand Villa of St. Petersburg.

The Grand Villa of St. Petersburg is an Assisted Living Community with a Memory care unit. The place is clean and beautiful. On the memory care floor, all of the residents are taken every day of the week onto what they call the recreation floor. Here they can do anything from nap to watch tv to participate in crafts and other entertainment. There are so many things going on all day. My father will really benefit from a place like this as he was always so social!

Check out some photos here:

Now that David and I have moved him in and he is stable I will be back to my writing. I hope I get back into the groove quickly! I’m sure with all of friends here and all the encouragement I always get, it will be easy!

David and I have also decided we will get married on September 18th! Woo Hoo! Details to come….

Thank you for continuing to follow me and to participate in my writing and in my Tuesday challenge. I look forward to reading everyone’s work which I have missed so much!

Peace to you all!

Simply 6 Minutes Challenge: 08/10/2021

Di joined in this week with a great take on this guy! Thanks for the contribution!


A new one for me to participate in. Click here to find out more and join in Christine’s prompt. I’ll point out now I am not a fast typist!!
It wasn’t me you know. They all said it was, but I can assure you it wasn’t.
I don’t even like bananas.
It’s pretty good here though. I do get fed on a regular basis, even if the chimps are a pain and always want to play. They have no manners either. And they’re noisy. Interrupts my beauty sleep.
Don’t you think I’m gorgeous?  This is my good side. The other side has a bald patch where Mavis clobbered me for being too attentive and yanked my fur for emphasis. Her loss. Looks like they’re going to try her with the new stud on the block. Good luck with that.
I see a lot you know. I might not say much…

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Simply 6 Minutes Challenge- Hubris

Susan really gives you something to think about! Who is really observing who? Thanks for the contribution!

Sillyfrog's Blog

The challenge is to write a whole story, using the picture prompt, in just six minutes.

funny-animals-wallpapers-7-cool-wallpaper.gif (1280×1024)

Herman had observed humans all of his life.
He even had come to understand their language.
His silence was imposed by Nature. Speech wasn’t afforded to orangutans but full understanding of the hubris of human beings was his.
He found them endlessly entertaining, especially when they explained, to each other, what he was thinking. Herman usually rolled back his lips and slapped the ground as he laughed at them.
But today, he overheard the zoo staff planning to downsize their population of ‘inmates’ and he listened intently. What he overheard wasn’t the least bit funny.

Their plan was to release captive born animals into the wild!
All Herman could do was hold his head in disbelief.
The wrong ‘animals’ were obviously ‘in charge’.

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Simply 6 Minutes – Give it to me, Doc

Trish has a great story that this guy needs to tell! Lol. Thanks for the contribution!


Simply 6 Minutes 11Aug21

I finally decided to give up the smokes.

Doc’s been telling me,Buddy, do it for the family.

“What family,” I said. “The missus ran off with that gorilla, Brian. My girlfriend wants to move to Cleveland. I told her, she’s on her own.

“The kids are monkeys. I can’t get any sense out of them. “

Do it for yourself, he said.

“Well, mate. I’ll try.

“I’ve never felt so tired. My back hurts, the hair’s thinned out (used to be so luxurious) and I’ve greyed up so much. I used to be a rad orange! I’m just all washed out.

“Look at the wrinkles, man!”

I can put you onto a support group, give you a script for patches, the doc said.

“Well, heck,” I told him. “I can only try. Don’t know if my heart’s in it. Don’t know what I’ll replace my friend

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Simply 6 Minutes: Long-Lost Relatives

John and this guy might really be related! Are we all? Thanks for your contribution!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

I feel badly that I haven’t been here for a while. So many bloggy things going, you know how it is…

Anyway, you no doubt recognize the orangutan in the picture above. Many of you already know this, but the word “orangutan” means “man of the forest,” which is also the meaning of the name Holton. So, I feel a particular kinship with them. Time hasn’t been especially kind to them: they’re now only found in Borneo and Sumatra, and they’re now a critically-endangered species.

On and off over the last several years, I’ve been trying to trace my genealogy, and one of the things I did was to have my DNA examined. Both Ancestry and 23 and Me will check your DNA and tell you approximately where your ancestors are from, which changes as they see more and more DNA samples. Another thing that 23 and Me does is…

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