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The Meeting

Come on it
it’s just about time
time for that meeting
time for the sublime
thinking of the matters
that stay close at hand
trying to ignore it
not giving in to demand
ignoring all the effort
to pull your thoughts away
save the casual get together
for another day.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Optical Illusion

A nightmarish feeling of being lost and alone. Thank you for your contribution to Simply 6!


Those hallways, those pathways,

They all looked the same,

Climbing up the stairs,

I knew not where I was at!

So many doors, with locks,

They all looked the same, I swear!

There was a key under a pot,

I knew not of which door or lock!

And I started over again,

Ran down the stairs,

Knocked the doors, and the windows,

They all looked the same, they all looked the same.

There, there, It was just a dream,

Hush now and go to sleep,

Mommy is here, please don’t scream,

You do know where you are at!

In response to Stine Writing’s 6 min writing challenge 07/27/2021

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