From my desk: 07/20/21

I’m back!

First, my house is NOT closed on. There was a glitch with the buyer’s mortgage company so things are on hold for another week and a half…ugh. David and I DID empty the house though and we are technically moved out. It took a lot longer than expected. I thought one week would be enough to finish the packing and load the trucks…nope. Everytime I entered a room I found a new “section” that hadn’t been touched. So now, I am physically and mentally exhausted.

My bad knee was really bad. My dad spent the week with a live-in sitter. The dog was with me.

Brody, my dog, who is my Service Dog, flew on his first airplane! He did so well. The poor woman to the left of me was allergic to dogs….but never had a reaction (thanks God!). The poor woman to the right of me was wearing a nice pair of black pants…I don’t know if a lint roller could have fixed them. Overall, he slept most of the way and only had a little breakdown during landing, as it is so obnoxiously loud. I was so happy.

David is here with me now!

On my way to the airport last week I was talking to my Lyft driver. I asked him if he liked driving for Lyft and he said yes. He said he also worked in Hospitality. Long story short, he works at a hotel near me that is looking for part-time bartenders and the bar is opened no later than 11 pm. I still have to apply. It would be good to work outside the home since I don’t do that much.

Book Review: Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

A Novel of Suspense

By: Kira Peikoff

Mother Knows Best Audiobook By Kira Peikoff cover art

This is a great story with so many ethical questions that pertain to the advances in medicine and genetic testing. I give this story only three stars for one reason that barely relates to the plot and could be changed so easily; Abigail the young girl who becomes the center of controversy, to me is too knowledgeable for a kid her age.
The story itself is great and there are so many different aspects that are completely realistic. Abigail is a ten year old girl in the story and seems like she would be a bright child, being an only child. The problem is that the “way she talks” and the conclusion she comes to seem too advanced for such a young child. She is “able” to realize certain things that a child her age wouldn’t typically have any reason to know how to deal with.
Besides this aspect the plot is really good and you will not be disappointed at the end of this story!

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Book Review: Find Us

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Find Us
by Benjamin Stevenson (Goodreads Author), Harriet Gordon-Anderson (Narrator)

Talk about a twisting plot! This story is the one of every parents’ nightmare. Children disappearing on their way home from school, a lack of witnesses, limited evidence…Will a mom be able to help find her kids before it is too late and can she forgive herself for putting them in the position they are in now. Past history, random act, or revenge?

Book Review: Buried Deep

Buried Deep Audiobook By Margot Hunt cover art

Buried Deep
by Margot Hunt (Goodreads Author), Thérèse Plummer (Narrator)

I don’t often read short stories or novellas, for no particular reason, but this felt like a full-length novel, with so many aspects it just dragged you in at the beginning.
Maggie loves her husband and knows he is not capable of murder. His friends seem like they are keeping their own secrets. James is the one who puts the puzzle pieces together.