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12 Questions
On a scale of 1 – 10 – where 1 is low and 10 is high how happy are you with everything in your life at this moment? I’d say a six but feel a little guilty because compared to others I have a good life. I say six because I live so far away still from my daughter and fiancee. Two weeks from now is the two year anniversary of losing my son. I take full time care of my dad who has Alzheimers and although I don’t hate it, it is taking a part of me away that I miss. Maybe a six for situational and an 8 for hardship???
Why do you do what you do the way that you do it?
Interpret as you so wish.
Because I put a lot of time and effort into what I do and try to do everything so that it is correct and appropriate. I don’t do only half of anything because that is a waste of time. I like to think that I think before I do so that what I do is a good thing.
How do you embrace difference? I thank God everyone is different. There are some people who I would never want to be like in any way and I can’t imagine if I was the same as them or if someone even assumed I was the same. I also love learning about things that I maybe never would have thought about before. I like seeing how people dress differently or talk differently. I like how traditions are different all over the world. I find it amazing that the world has so much going on at once that is different and although we know why (through science) we can’t see why.
What is one of the most significant ways that your readership influences you, your blog and your writing? I find that if I don’t stay active and write often then my visits and guests go down. This disappoints me. When this happens I get motivated to get back on track and remember how much I enjoy writing and how much I crave it when life gets hectic.
How would you feel if everything you didn’t believe in today turned out to be true – which of your new disbeliefs now truths would affect you the most profoundly?
But also answer this question from the opposite spectrum as in –

How would you feel if everything you believed in today turned out to be false – would this affect you and if so which falsehood that you hold now true would affect you the most profoundly?
This I think would be horrible.. I now believe that most people are good and that someday I will feel less pain when I think about my son…
How often do you cross your fingers or say touch wood or good luck to people or do you not believe in that sort of thing? I do it all the time but then say to myself that I am not really doing it, hoping there is no bad mojo attached to it. ai guess one could say I am very superstitious.
Do you think that our childhoods impact our lives as adults – what are your views? Definitely but not like everyone thinks. I don’t believe that having a great childhood means you have a great adult life. I think what happens in our childhood shapes the type of person we are. I have two very entitled siblings but don’t see myself like that in the least. I had a lot more responsibility than they both did.
There is no truth to horoscopes – yes or no and why to either? Sure, why not. It is all in how you interpret the message. Many horoscopes are so general that you can squeeze them into your life somehow. I don’t necessarily believe in bad omens and all that. I don’t know if there is a being (like God or whoever you believe in) who would ever wish bad on anyone. Well, maybe the devil but that is only if you allow yourself to follow that evil.
Does it really matter if we are environmentally-conscious – l mean is it that important – if not why not and if yes, why?? Definitely!!! There is so much of our planet that is dying and disappearing. How can you look at a sea turtle with a plastic six-pack holder around it’s neck and not cut it to shreds before throwing it out? How can you keep cutting up trees when you see that the koalas have nowhere to live? I think humans are wasteful and very many are greedy and lazy. Now that I am in Florida I understand the reason for bottled or filtered water but why buy those 36 packs when you can either buy a gallon or buy a water filter? This might be a moot point now that some plastic bottles are recyclable but have you ever seen some of the beaches in our world where there isn’t even sand left to see? Just garbage! Or the Great Garbage Patch? I understand that things come about and people don’t know the effects but once we do know, shouldn’t we change what we do?
Do you find it easy or hard to relax and what relaxes you the most? Lately I find it hard to relax. There are a few things that if I don’t get interrupted help …Listening to audiobooks (which I never liked until recently), drawing, building miniatures, writing, and getting a backrub and/or massage.
How well or badly do you respond to being ‘shocked’ or ‘surprised’? I hate being shocked. Surprised is sometimes okay but even then I feel awkward. Back in high school I worked at a garden center and there was one boy I worked with that would always sneak up on me…hated it. Then I worked in a restaurant. I closed almost all shifts and one of the jobs was cleaning up the salad dressings. We would put all the large containers in the sink, clean the tops, cap them, then wash the whole outside…one of the cooks used to come up behind me and scare me every night. It got so stressful waiting for “it” to happen that I finally told my boss I was going to quit if “Paul” didn’t stop scaring me. Even later when I was teaching the kids knew I would not laugh if you jumped out and scared me. I get so mad. Actually, one time when I first met David we were in the car to pick up my son. David had to run in and use the bathroom. I was on my phone or whatever and he scared me when he got back by secretly banging on my window. Scared the hell out of me. The amount of swears that came out of my mouth!!!!!! He got upset with all those words but I told him I hated being purposely scared.
How do you feel about the term “I am a lucky/unlucky person” as in – do you think that there is some truth to it or is it all nonsense? I think there is a little truth to it, but it is in our perspective….For example, there once was a family and when the stepmother died one of the siblings was given the home along with the company of the living parent while one sibling got all the money and no responsibility to the parent. Is it luck? Sort of but then again, it is just money and that runs out and when you have no more money and you can’t afford anything and you are alone, you will be one thing…alone. That by the way is only a hypothetical situation that I would have no idea about in my own “real” life.

Thanks for the questions, Rory! You got me thinking today!

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