Chillaxing At This Capybara Cafe Just Outside Of Tokyo

I am quite envious of this trip to the cafe. I love Capybaras!!

Tokyo Fox (東京狐)

Love or hate them, pet cafes have become popular places over the last decade or so. Much has been written and said about the various dog, cat, rabbit and owl cafes and one really should do their own research before visiting such places as there are plenty of dubious ones operating under poor and squalid conditions.

When I heard about a capybara cafe a couple of years ago my first thought was “What the hell is a capybara?!” as I’d never heard of them. After that I wondered if

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Save the Bees with the Bee Protectors

Bees are great pollinators! Save the bees! I saw a kids science show about making a bees nest. SciShow Kids on youtube. Check it out, it’s a great craft for kids.


If you are into all things nature, you have heard that bees are endangered around the world. Whether this is due to climate change, the extensive use of pesticides or other reasons, that fact remains.

As usual, education is key to change and preservation.

The Bee Protectors project has been in the works for a while, and it has been finally brought to fruition solely off the funding of our owners.

The Bee Protectors project is run by a small, passionate, group of individuals who have a goal of helping the world to be a better place through spreading the message of the importance of bees on our environment.

Bee the change and check out this website for unique bee related clothing and even jewelry. Shipping is free for orders over $45.

My friends, family and garden clients will be seeing me supporting the bees in this sweatshirt soon! I…

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Simply 6 Minutes: Separated At Birth?

Can you see a resemblance? Thanks John for your contribution!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

When I saw this week’s picture, I thought “that little guy reminds me of someone.” And I figured out who it was…

I was demonstrating how I could roll my tongue like that

If I don’t keep my mustache trimmed, it starts ending up like that. Here it’s more or less trimmed, but it still curls up quite a bit. My beard is really curly, too, and tends to do whatever it wants to do.

Still, it beats shaving. I’ve had the mustache since I was 19, but the beard is relatively new, only about seven years old. My gravatar picture shows me on my 59th birthday, after I had been letting it grow six months. Just woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to shave anymore. And that was that…

Christine Bialczak runs Simply 6 Minutes in her spare time.

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