Simply Six Minutes: Birdies!

John’s thoughts on this beautiful bird and perhaps its origins! Thanks for the contribution!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Here’s a happy little chappy! I don’t know if I’d have my room painted like him, but he’s very colorful.

Note I said “he”: in the bird kingdom it’s the males that are the brightly colored ones. The females are usually not that colorful. For example, the male cardinals are the red ones, while the females are kind of brown. Male robins have the reddish breast, while females have a more tan breast.

By the way, did you know that robins are thrushes? I didn’t until I looked it up just a minute ago. They belong to the family Turdidae, which frankly sounds a little gross.

I like birds. They’re the closest thing we have to the dinosaurs. They say that the notorious T. Rex probably didn’t roar so much as it chirped. Must have been why the T. rex was such a killer: the other dinosaurs were laughing…

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