Cat That Got the Cream

Some good insight from Jim about giving cats milk! Thanks for the contribution!

A Unique Title For Me

Chloe had a very good day and now she is ready for a nap.  She is very fond of cream, and since most mammals’ drink milk directly after birth, drinking milk is natural for them to lap up.  Unfortunately, cats are lactose intolerant and they should not have any dairy products after their breastfeeding period has ended, so even though she likes it, we never give her cream.  They are attracted to milk and cream, because they are able to sense and smell dairy products, especially the fat and protein.  Cats have evolved to sleep for long periods throughout the day, which stems back to the period when all cats were wild and they needed to sleep in the day in order to conserve their energy, so they could hunt at night.  House cats may not need to hunt, but they still carry the instinct to sleep, so they can…

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Simply 6 Minutes—04/13/2021: a random birthday simply musing

An insightful look at birthdays, making you really stop and think about what you want people to do on your special day. Thanks for the contribution!

sound mind journal

not many enjoy birthday and I am one

yet it has to come and it is always done

a friend who is kind to bake a cake sends it by drone

landing so centered right on my newly laundered lawn

she rings and instructs me to remember the pond

making sure the weeds are pulled and the stagnant water drained

a party she says I must have and she is sending a crane

sure enough she means business to any horror known

worst of all come all the anonymous cons

birthday sir we all must come

seeing your great sign down the street says big welcome

what? a sign? who? when? how? It finally dawns

a friend kindheartedly put up so I won’t deny

another year another growing up another party mournful morn. (aftermath)

(134 words)

Ka, 2021-04-13 (my actual birthday)

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