Sunday Writing Prompt – Lost – March 21st

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Veva had seen that little dog before. She couldn’t forget him, with his black spotted face and brown belly! “What a silly little dog”, she remembers thinking the first time she saw him. This time he looked sad though. He seemed a little scraggly, like he had been out in the rain all night, maybe sleeping in a mud puddle! Poor baby.

“Come here sweet baby!” she called to the puppy. He looked over at her and started walking slowly in her direction.

She was a little fearful. What if he had some disease or if he was really nippy?

He was a little fearful. What if she tried catching him in one of those net things like the other people did?

With his little head down he walked up to where Veva was standing. He kept his head down, either to be patted or because he was afraid of her. She fell in love immediately with the sweet puppy. She bent down to pat his little spotted head. As soon as she lifted her hand away he looked up at her with the darkest, sweetest eyes. “Do you want to come home with me, little guy?” she asked. He wagged his tail. He didn’t know where he had come from but this was the first time that he felt like he knew where he was going; home!

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Simply 6 Minutes: Funny Animal Love?

John shares his cats with us in his contribution to Simply 6! Thanks John!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

The picture above is called “funny animal love.” Whether that’s funny ha-ha or funny weird is a good question. It’s more like adorable than anything. I mean, it appears that the cat is a pretty young kitten, not a newborn, but probably less than a year old. The dog, I can’t tell how old he or she is. I’d say maybe around two years old.

This looks to me like the kitten is trying to establish herself as the dominant animal in the house, and judging by the look on the dog’s face, I would guess that he’s just fine if the kitten wants to rule the roost.

We had a situation where one of our neighbors dropped a kitten off at our house, and we already had several adult cats, including an older male. The kitten, who we named Willie because he looked like a Willie, would run up…

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