FOWC with Fandango — Article

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Writing Class

Whether a shirt or pants or shoe

A note, a letter, even a clue

A word in English class is here

An article full of meaning clear

Do you know what word I mean?

Can it be a sight unseen? 

A thing to know when writing well

For me the word came quick but fell.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry


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Like a blanket of snow

Laying upon the frozen ground

During the early morning 

No movement nor a sound

Asleep for time unknown

Beneath a frosty sheath

Waiting for the spring

The life waits underneath.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Sunday Writing Prompt – In the Thick of It – March 7th

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Jetta wanted to turn and walk away but knew better than to think it was that easy. She was in the thick of it and regretted the day she asked Natalie if she could move in. Natalie was nothing but drama and Jetta knew it but she hadn’t been thinking straight, she had only been thinking that she had to get out. Danny was abusive and she couldn’t take it any longer. No one seemed to believe her. Even some of her closest friends thought she was exaggerating or making Danny out to be worse than he really was. Jetta wished she was only making up stories of abuse.

So now, instead of Danny’s abuse she was intricately entangled in Natalie’s addiction. Jetta didn’t know which was worse? Thinking back to the day her parents asked her when she was moving out, Jetta felt some resentment that she was asked to leave without them knowing she had nowhere healthy to go. Her life was getting deeper and deeper into chaos than she ever thought possible. Jetta began to have doubts that she would survive the next six months, knowing Natalie was going to have to give up her lease for lack of payment. She felt herself slipping into a darkness that scared her more than Danny’s abuse and Natalie’s addiction ever could.

©2021 CBialczak Flash Fiction

Praise to the Women of Our World!

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Three Worlds One Vision

United Nations Map of Women in Politics 2020
Created by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women, showing global rankings as of January 1, 2020
Source: UN Women

Praise to the women of our world on this International Women’s Day 2021!

Praise to the women of our world who grow and reap our food crops with little or no pay.

Praise to the women of our world in the health care services who risk their lives daily, fighting to save the lives of our loved ones stricken with COVID-19.

Praise to the women of our world left alone to care for children suffering from debilitating diseases and mental illness.

Praise to the women of our world who sacrifice their dreams and talents to raise their children or care for aging and sick parents.

Praise to the women of our world who struggle to eke out an existence doing low-paid essential…

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In memory of…scholarship fundraiser

To honor my son’s memory and pay tribute to his legacy, I want to present the high school he graduated from with an education scholarship. Joseph was so smart and destined to do great things. Despite years of bullying Joseph persevered and graduated from Three Rivers Middle College Magnet School with honors. He was accepted and heading to Florida Institute of Technology to pursue further education in Mechanical Engineering. Tragically Joseph’s life was cut short. His favorite pastime was a dangerous one; motorcycle riding. On July 17, 2019 Joseph was in a fatal accident. Besides leaving his mother at only 19 years old, he left behind a sister he loved and so many friends. Joseph was predeceased by his father only 13 months earlier. 
Education was important to Joseph. He pushed himself to get awesome grades and even a perfect score of 800 on his Math SAT testing. Teachers and fellow students were often in awe at his abilities in math and science. During his memorial service the college math professor who taught Differentials told me how he used to help her work out mathematical problems. 
This scholarship will allow Joseph’s memory to live on in one of the places he enjoyed the most, school. After looking into starting a scholarship I found that to have a sustainable scholarship fund which can then be maintained for an indefinite amount of time, the scholarship must be funded in any amount surpassing $30,000. I am hoping and praying this wish of mine, to pay tribute to Joseph and honor his legacy, will come true with help from all the people who loved him and who love education as much as he did.  
The Joseph Teo Bialczak Education Scholarship will be a yearly scholarship of $1000 awarded to one male student and one female student who excels in mathematics as determined by the faculty at Three RIvers Middle College Magnet School. 
Please help honor his legacy. If you can please share this fundraiser with your friends and family I would greatly appreciate it.  I hope to reach this goal to support upcoming learners. 
A list of donors can be provided to the school. Please leave your name if you would like to be recognized on this list. 
Any amount will help make my wish come true. 
Joseph’s mother Christine