Six Minutes — Give or Take

Fandango’s first time participating in Simply 6! Thanks for the contribution!!!

This, That, and The Other

Christine Bialczak has this thing that she calls Simply 6 Minutes. She asks us to spend six minutes writing a post in response to her word or photo prompt. She suggests setting up a timer or sitting near a clock so we can keep track of the six minutes we will be writing.

I write my posts on my iPhone and I estimate that it takes about 50% longer to tap out a post on an iPhone’s tiny virtual keypad than it does to type one on a laptop or desktop keyboard. So I’m going to give myself nine minutes — Six minutes plus 50% — to complete this post.

This is my first attempt at Christine’s six minute writing prompt, but when I saw this picture, I couldn’t resist. So here we go.This little guy looks cute, doesn’t he? But that’s because he’s just a kit, which…

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