Simply 6 Minutes: Trash Pandas!

John’s contribution to Simply 6! Thanks John

The Sound of One Hand Typing

I’ve had several encounters with raccoons over the years. The first time was in Northern Wisconsin, when I was maybe 13 or 14. We would go with another family to stay at that family’s cabin in Eagle River so we could go fishing (well, they could go fishing; it wasn’t my favorite activity, so I’d keep myself occupied during the day). Some of us found a baby raccoon, which was first named Charlie, then Leo-guy. We’d go out first thing in the morning and Leo-guy was waiting for us. Our mothers warned us not to get too attached, because we were not bringing a raccoon home with us. We finally decided the raccoon had to go when he got hold of the fish that they had caught, and Leo-guy went back to living with his mother.

We grew up near Loyola University on the North Side of Chicago, and when…

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