Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten – February 4th

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The Cat finds his kite

The Cat in the Hat was somewhere brand new 
he didn’t know who lived there or lived there with who. 
He saw lots of toys and some stuff in the yard 
He tried to look inside, curtains made it hard. 

He thought that he’d knock on the door that’s bright red 
Perhaps they’d know him by the hat on his head 
Most people did know him for what he did wear 
He was famous to most, though he couldn’t care. 

So he walked up the walk and he stood nice and straight 
he walked up the steps and he closed the front gate 
He didn’t want pets that might live there to leave 
Most kids did have pets, or he’d like to believe. 

When all of a sudden from up on the roof 
A balloon went by flying, then popped with a Poof! 
Down to the ground a bright paper did float 
He bent down to get it and saw it’s a note. 

The note it was written in crayon and pen 
Was the writing he noticed from a little boy Ben? 
The note was so sweet that the Cat he did cry 
Ben had an old kite that the Cat used to fly. 

The Cat was so happy to get back his kite 
He smiled so big with his teeth white and bright. 
So Ben lived in this house that he just stopped by 
And now he and Ben watch their kites blow and fly.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry Cat in the Hat Fan fiction

Gloomy: Word of the Day Challenge

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On a sunny bright new day
when your loved one goes away
there may still be some light
if you put up a good fight.

On a gloomy rainy day
when your loved one goes away
some light is hard to find
You feel you’re left behind.

On any normal day
when your loved one goes away
the world seems dark and cold
Think of the love you do behold.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Simply Six Minutes Welcome To The Challenge 2/2/21

Jennifer’s contribution to Simply 6. Thanks for participating!


Simply Six Minutes Welcome To The Challenge 2/2/21 by Christinebialczak.com

6 Minutes

Little kitty I adore

I buy you posts and gifts galore

So you can scratch your head along the door

Food seems to be more loved when its set upon the floor

Go ahead and rub the door all I need is a purr for shore

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Simply 6 Minutes: My Little Buddies

John’s contribution to Simply 6! Thanks John!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Ever since before we were married, cats have been a big part of our lives. Our first cat, Kittyface (her real name was Kismet, but we never called her that), came to us on New Year’s Eve before we were married.

Many other four-legged friends have come and gone. Some were just outside visitors, some primarily outdoor cats who came in when the weather was bad or it was cold, but most of them came and stayed, having found their forever home with us. Sadly, “forever” is a relative term: some were with us only a short time before leaving for the proverbial Rainbow Bridge, others lived a good, long life of twenty years or more.

Currently, we have one cat, Molly. We’ve decided that when she goes, that’ll be it, at least for a while. I’m disabled, both Mary and I are reaching the official retirement years, and cats…

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