Fibbing Friday: February 26, 2021

Have some fun with the questions and I’ll be back with my answers later. Find questions and answers here:

1. What is a tie dye? The typical shelf life of a necktie
2. What is a raglan sleeve? The part of the shirt a normal raglan wears
3. What is seersucker? Someone who always falls for a seer
4. What is meant by a dropped waist? This is the process of teaching where to put your clothing before you use the restroom
5. What is a yoke collar? The rim around an egg yolk that keeps the yolk together when you fry it
6. What is meant by pigeon toed? The abuse a pigeon gets from pedestrians
7. How many pleats are in a kilt? It depends on the size of the kilt
8. What is bias binding? Having a bias or point of view and proving that your bias is the right one
9. What is velcro? What isn’t velcro?
10. What is twill webbing? the process of a twill spinning its web

Simply 6 Minutes—magic briefcase story: a visitor

This contribution has a Jack London- sort of tone to it! Thanks for participating!!!

sound mind journal

Going out into the snow storm is not his choice, but he has no option. No sane man will go out at this hour, right in the middle of the night, into the blizzard, without any sensible and really convincing reason. Yet he has no option and must go out. He has been woken by a sound at the back of his yard and he knows it does not sound like any creature he has ever met. He is a man of creatures.

The cold is not helping and it’s like he is walking into a strange sheet of blank wall. There is nothing to show he is going towards the right direction. He can hear the creature crying and he knows it is an SOS. Yes, whatever it is , it is signaling an SOS message!

Following the sound, he approaches the western corner of his garden where the…

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Simply Six Minutes – A Tall Tale

Lauren’s contribution to Simply 6! It’s a cliff hanger this time! Thanks for participating!!

❀ Welcome To LSS Attitude of Gratitude❀

Christine Bialczak is the host of Simply Six Minutes.Look mom, I couldn’t help myself. I was running through the corn field in Farmer Bill’s back lot. I saw the most amazing ears of corn. They were thiiiiiiiis big. I had to nibble on just one, then another, then a third.

How was I to know that that old coot had a shotgun? My empty tummy needed filling and my head wasn’t thinking straight. I saw him coming nearer. I had to go back and get myself at least one more of those yellow treats. I have never seen such a field of golden goodness.

So, just to let you know, I kind of forgot that my little brother was following me. I am not too sure if he made it out alive. That farmer has it out for us. He thinks we are pests. He doesn’t get…

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Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 02/23/2021

Jen’s contribution to Simply 6! Thanks for your “crime” story! LOL!


Simply Six Minutes by Stine Writing

I Said Freeze!

Hey! I said freeze and put your paws up…Now! If you move as much as a hair I’m gonna taz you little hairiness. We got some calls about a suspicious strange character wearing a mask skulking around the neighborhood.

Now isn’t it funny that we find you rummaging through people’s trash cans and on porches? Officer, I can explain. Would it be possible that I put my hands down? Don’t even think about it.

The police officer stepped forward and cuffed the culprit. Now why don’t you tell me why you think it is a good idea to wander around in the dark, wearing a mask and ruffling around people’s trash and outside areas. (6 minutes)

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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FOWC with Fandango: retreat

Find it here:

Pulling up to the front door of the building we knew we were in for quite a weekend. Marble steps with gold railings leading up to a huge open foyer, all marble with a huge crystal chandelier in the center. A fountain splashed water of every color as the bulbs coursed through all the colors of the rainbow. We thought when we signed up for the Couples’ Retreat we would be in shoddy cabins with port-o-potties placed far enough away so as to not cause anyone discomfort. This was the exact opposite! Who would’ve ever thought the retreat would be held in such a beautiful location! This was something which would surely rekindle the flame between Marcus and I. I mean,how could it not? 

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2021: Week #08

ffftpp-24-feb.jpg (397×298)
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Find the challenge here:

Debbie’s Day at the Beach

Debbie couldn’t understand why there was a “No Swimming” sign at a public beach. If you weren’t supposed to swim what were you supposed to do? Not only could she not understand the sign but she saw a few teenagers swimming not that far from the sign. This meant they either didn’t care what the sign said or they really didn’t see it. Debbie figured it was probably the first thought, that they just ignored it. 

Slowly she laid her towel and put her bag at the end for her headrest. It was hot and the water looked so inviting. Debbie didn’t know how long she would be able to sit here and not go into that refreshing water. 

Finally, Debbie decided that just putting her feet in wouldn’t hurt; that certainly  couldn’t be called swimming. She walked to the edge of the water and looked back over her shoulder to see if there was anyone around who would tell her to get out of the water. The beach was empty. Debbie stepped in and felt herself sinking into the sand. It was sucking her in. What was this? Quicksand? Oh why didn’t she just do what the sign said! 

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