Simply Six Minutes: The Eagle Flies On Friday…

I love musical contributions! Thanks John for participating!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Saw the above prompt for this week and thought immediately of this…

I do know that I wouldn’t be as happy as the Saturday baby if I had to go to work, particularly after a week of work like the one depicted above…

Monday was not my favorite day, but it was really no different from any other day of the week work-wise. I know Monday always has the reputation of being a real rough day, but I could just as easily have a good day on Monday and a lousy one on Tuesday, and I have. Days when it was snowing were the worst, or winter days when the wind would blow in whatever direction I seemed to be going.

Being retired has changed this somewhat, mostly because now every day seems to blend into all the others. Mary and I take turns asking each other “what’s today? Wednesday?”

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