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Marvin’s Night Out

“Betsy, I’m heading out to look for Buster.” 

“Marvin, do you have to bother that poor dog every night?” 

“Well, if he isn’t going to learn in one night then I must continue the lesson until he learns.” 

“That is awful, Marvin. The only thing you are doing is traumatizing that poor dog. He isn’t smart enough to learn your lesson without being told what he is supposed to be learning.” 

“Honestly, Betsy. If he can’t tell that when I put my tail up, I am going to spray him again, like the night before and the night before that, then he gets sprayed, end of story.”  

“Whatever Marvin. I just don’t think that poor dog should have to go through your schooling every single night.”  

She has no idea what this guy is like. Droopy ears, slobber down his chin, poop stuck to the fur near his butt…He is gross and needs multiple baths. If his owners don’t start smartening up and trying to explain the reason for my lessons, then they are just as dumb as he is. Leave him be…Ha! How can I when I get so much joy out of the look in his eyes? (199 words)

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Simply Six Minutes: The Eagle Flies On Friday…

I love musical contributions! Thanks John for participating!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Saw the above prompt for this week and thought immediately of this…

I do know that I wouldn’t be as happy as the Saturday baby if I had to go to work, particularly after a week of work like the one depicted above…

Monday was not my favorite day, but it was really no different from any other day of the week work-wise. I know Monday always has the reputation of being a real rough day, but I could just as easily have a good day on Monday and a lousy one on Tuesday, and I have. Days when it was snowing were the worst, or winter days when the wind would blow in whatever direction I seemed to be going.

Being retired has changed this somewhat, mostly because now every day seems to blend into all the others. Mary and I take turns asking each other “what’s today? Wednesday?”

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