Simply Six Minutes: Furry Little Kamikazes!

Here is John’s contribution to Simply 6! Hawk Chow is a great idea!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

The squirrels in my neighborhood are crazy. It’s like they have a death wish or something. We’ll be driving around and all of a sudden one will come dashing out from the side of the road. Mary will slam on the brakes to try not to hit it, and the furry little bastard will turn around and run back where he was. We think he’s back on the side of the road and start moving again, and he’ll come dashing back out again!

You do your best to avoid them, because they don’t know any better, but occasionally you crush one, and you end up feeling awful for killing him. What can you do, though?

One day we were driving through the subdivision and saw a hawk carrying one off. That’s kind of disconcerting, because you try your best not to kill them only to have a hungry hawk say…

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2 thoughts on “Simply Six Minutes: Furry Little Kamikazes!

  1. Squirrels can be real rascals. I work in wildlife rehabilitation, and we always get tons of squirrels in during the year who have been orphaned or had bad run ins with humans (sometimes because of their indecisiveness). I often wonder how many of those squirrels have run ins with hawks once we release them. Despite the odds, we still give it our all!

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