Saturday Mix – Double Take, 5 December 2020

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Our homophone sets this week are:

gene – chromosome
jean – cotton twill


flecks – many tiny specks
flex – to bend


Veva’s Treasure

Veva wasn’t sure
if it was in her genes or not
or in her jeans from yesterday,
the pocket was the spot.

She tried to flex her mind
to remember where it went
’til she found the flecks of gold
stuck to the dryer vent.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

First Line Friday

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The black dog followed them home.

The black dog followed them home. Milly saw it out of the corner of her eye the entire trip. She wasn’t sure why it followed them, they didn’t have food in their bags, nor did they offer the dog anything to entice him to follow. The biggest question would be what would happen once they got home. Where would he go? They couldn’t have dogs in their apartment, and he must certainly belong to someone. 

Quiet wandering 
Companion in search of love 
Finding its true home 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

My son is a true angel!

I got a call from my daughter last night, almost around midnight. She asked if I saw her text.
One of the staff at the restaurant both of my kids had worked at, that David and I frequent, has a son a bit younger than Joey was. His name is Jayden.

Jayden was on his dirtbike and got hit by a van the other day. He was life-starred to the hospital. When he got there the only things on him were his phone, his vape, and Joey’s necklace. I didn’t know he had it. A friend of Joey’s said Jayden never stopped wearing it. Joey must have been there because Jayden is broken but he is going to be okay. It is a true miracle. I hope Jayden makes a full recovery quickly.

My son was a good person, this was proof to his legacy.